Physical security

The company ANGELS provides services  professional physical protection of facilities and activities of any complexity. Full security people and objects is achieved thanks to the experience and special training for employees, which allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to emergency situations. Using special material-technical base greatly enhances control of the situation.

     When providing physical protection of our employees dressed in a special proprietary form, carry a means of communication and special equipment. Continuous improvement of melee skills, knowledge and training spets.sredstvami reaction rate allows our guards to successfully carry out its security activities in any, even the most difficult conditions.

     To ensure high quality of physical protection in the company ANGELS developed and implemented the following measures:

    The company has implemented in practice the system-clock monitoring of service employees, which ensures high quality of services. In addition to daily monitoring by the immediate supervisor units work guards verified representatives Control Service duty.
    All employees are trained, which allows to predict the occurrence of emergencies and to take appropriate preventive measures. Our company employs only licensed security officers receive special training. All new employees compulsorily pass Ladder aptitude and a probationary period. Implemented current training employees on the basis of our training center.
    Planned certification is carried out twice a year. Periodically carry out checks on the suitability of the guards to act in conditions associated with the use of special means and remedies.

     For more information and to order physical security services, please call: (044) 200 0453.